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UPDATED:  March 31, 2020
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To Our CPC WNSK Families,

As you may have heard, NJ Governor Murphy authorized a new order regarding the opening on schools in New Jersey; this announcement was also transmitted by the Summit Superintendent of Schools.  In short, New Jersey schools will remain closed for an indefinite period of time.

We've started our venture into a "Virtual WNSK" with the Kindergarten classes of Mrs. Dougherty/Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ilsley/Mrs. Madhavan utilizing on-line communication and work with their students via the ZOOM application.  Peggy Flintosh started "Library Time" on Friday, March 27th with four classes and it continued on Monday, March 30th.  Each of the teachers were on the "call" with their respective class.  It was great seeing all the smiling faces and getting a chance to say hi to everyone and telling them how much we miss them.  Library Class will continue on schedule as we move forward as a part of your child's "Virtual Learning" experience.  Information regarding connection to these "ZOOM" events was sent via email to each family for those classes.  Also, each of the teachers will be starting "ZOOM" events with their students very, very shortly.  Teachers are still working on logistics for the number of events during the week and we ask your patience as those opportunities are finalized.

Switching gears to a virtual school can make some individuals uneasy and as such, your child's participation with these events is a personal decision to be made by each of you.  Daily planning information will continue to be sent out in any event; the Zoom events will utilize those in a way to enhance your child's learning experience.  Plus, they get to see all of their classmates who connect into the virtual class.

We are in uncharted territory with this method, so we again ask you patience as we work out the bugs (hopefully, very, very few).

Again, I have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures many of you have sent in. Take a moment to view them on our website ( We're up to nine pages...and counting!

Each day brings new news about the pandemic.  If we can just keep placing one foot in front of the other, we can get through this trying time...all of us!  We will continue to pray for all of you and each other.

The Central Presbyterian Church will continue to have an online service. Their website gives the many details of what is available to you ( I encourage you to visit or take the moment to spend some time online with your own home Church or any of the many options available to still worship, perhaps not together in a building, but still together.

We miss you all! Be well,


We're getting loads of pictures during this "Virtual Classroom Time" period.  We're going to put them on separate pages for your to enjoy and maybe share some of your own "teaching" experiences.  The pictures will be "thumb nails"; if you click on one, it will show in its original size.  The highest page number contains the latest pictures.
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Here are some Chick pictures from the 2020 Chick Hatching Project.  Again, they are thumbnails.