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Central Presbyterian Church
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UPDATED:  January 8, 2020
70 Maple Street, Summit, NJ  07901 | Phone:  (908) 273-0484 | | Email:  [email protected]
A Retrospective From Peggy Flintosh, CPC WNS&K Director:

Happy New Year! Wow! Another decade is about to begin. I find myself as December rolls to an end each year reflecting on what has happened and looking ahead wondering what the new year will bring. As these “big one’s” roll around, I can’t help but reminisce over the past ten-year period. I’ve served as Director for this school for the past two decades driving close to ”half a million miles” and the friendships between staff and families closely add up to the same. The tenure of our teachers is phenomenal for early childhood settings where more than half of the 35 on staff have been involved with the school over the past two decades; with six of them here for over 20 years. The curriculum has changed over the years, the class times and the number of days has changed, but the nurturing, care, love and dedication that the teachers bring to the classrooms has been a constant. As I look ahead to what 2020 might bring, or even the full ten years of the 20’s, there is much I may not be sure of, but what I know is the passion the drives the quality of this school will forever remain a constant. 
WELCOME to the CPC Weekday Nursery School & Kindergarten — a mission of the Central Presbyterian Church of Summit, NJ and a caring community for your child! We create a nurturing atmosphere for children to explore who they are. We provide a variety of learning experiences and interactions within smaller and larger groups. Your child will find a circle of friends for sharing and learning — skills to build upon for the rest of their lives!

Peggy Flintosh - Director
January Calendar at CPC:

2nd:    School Re-Opens
2nd:    February registration dates are now available for
           Drop-In and Lunch Programs emails (no earlier than
           7am on Thursday, January 2nd)
10th:  Winter mini-workshop series begins (flyers will be
           emailed and sent home week ending January 3rd)
15th:  Postmark and mail back applications for the
           2020-2021 school year - Priority status through
           January 24th
15th:  "The Excitement of Learning to Read" workshop with
           Karen Gaeta at 9:15am
20th:  School Closed - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday