and  Kindergarten
Central Presbyterian Church
Weekday Nursery School

UPDATED:  September 9, 2020
70 Maple Street, Summit, NJ  07901 | Phone:  (908) 273-0484 | | Email:  [email protected]
The CPC WNS&K Parents' Organization remains very active, even during this pandemic.  Check out their website by clicking the link in the top menu.
From the Director's Desk;

As we move through our first week of the school re-opening, all I can say is WOW and THANK YOU.

We've all had many challenges to get to this point, and we've met each and every one of them with a smile (?) and a "well done".

The requirements placed upon us by the New Jersey Office of Licensing are meant to open the school safely, to keep it open safely and in the event of a medical issue, to address that issue in a safe and secure manner for all of our families.  We are extremely pleased that our families are following those mandates because it reflects upon the safety of the entire school and our school families.  To everyone involved, THANK YOU.

We move into our second week with some obstacles in place for our car line, though they will be temporary.  I can't thank you enough for how each of you is managing the car line and the required temperature checks; we know it can be difficult and the process appear to be slow, but it's just another challenge met.  To each of you; another big THANK YOU!

We'll continue to move forward and address any issues as they arise, but rest assured, we will do our best to provide the nurturing environment you've come to expect from the school.  Thank you.