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UPDATED:  April 13, 2019
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Friday, June 15, 2018 - Pirate Day
Pirates! Treasure boxes! Pirate hats! Ahoy me Mates!  Our last camp day was filled with pirates! Everyone painted and decorated treasure boxes with their choice of skull & cross bones and jewels. The treasure chests safely hold their gold coins.

Drop-in: the campers made envelope shaped treasure chests that open to reveal a gold coin. The children colored the Popsicle sticks that formed the outside of the chest. They had fun playing with animals in the water table.

2’s: Along with their treasure chests, the classes made pirate hats and stenciled a skull and cross bones on the hat.

3’s: The children created a pirate ship on paper by gluing brown tissue paper for the hull, then gluing on a “jolly roger” sail. Some of the classes went on a treasure hunt throughout the school and found a hidden treasure!

4’s:  Set Sail Mates!! The classes made pirate ships from 3 corks and a skull & crossbones sail. The children launched the boats in the water table. They also enjoyed coloring their own pirate book.

Kindergarten: Along with the treasure boxes the class drew treasure maps across dangerous waters, and obstacles to the “X” that marks the treasure. Of course the children made pirate hats. Captain Peg Leg called and dropped off pirate clues to a chest filled with treasure. The class went on a treasure hunt through the school. They found the old treasure chest and divided up the gems. They also enjoyed reading and coloring their own pirate book.

Snack:  The children loved making their own pirate booty. They were able to walk around the table and pick handfuls of various small snack items to put into their ‘booty’ bag.

Thank you for sharing your children with us for a wonderful week of CPC Camp. Have a happy, safe summer!

Your Camp Teachers:

Drop-in: Barbara Powers, Natalia Espaillat, Sydney Guisto, Bella Cantone
2’s: Andrea Armstrong and Betsy Hall, Jen Guisto and Tricia Cantone, Masami Laws and Norma Schroeder
3’s: Laura Celmer and Carol Coscia, Lauren Evans and Lee McAloon, Judy Rea and Meagan Burke
4’s: Krista Clapp and Margherita Coscia, Karen Huppert and Tricia Enriquez  
Kindergarten: Karen Johnson and Kausi Madhavan  
Co-Directors: Sharon Dougherty and Ginny Ilsley 

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