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Thursday, June 14, 2018 - Patriotic Day
Please remember to send in your child’s blue bag. 

What fun we had today in our red, white and blue outfits, celebrating our country. As we played and worked, the classes listened to patriotic music. 

Drop-in: Our campers made patriotic tote bags. They sponge painted a blue star and red stripes on a small canvas tote bag. The children created a painting using a paper towel tube cut at the ends into narrow strips (like bristles on a brush). Then they dipped the cut end into red, white and blue paint and pressed it onto paper. We called it “fireworks” painting.

2’s and 3’s: The classes made patriotic wreaths by gluing red, white and blue stars on paper plates (some added glitter). The children also made necklaces as they patterned red, white and blue beads.

4’s: The children made patriotic kid blowers. They glued red and white streamers on one end of a blue toilet paper roll and decorated the roll with white stars. When you blow into the open end of the tube, the steamers dance. The classes also made headbands with an assortment of stars, ribbons and a cut out of the Statue of Liberty. What a fun time it was going on a scavenger hunt, looking for something red, a star, something striped, etc. A few children made a necklace with strips of red, white and blue paper. They fan folded the paper, (which was punched with a hole) then threaded the paper onto yarn.

Kindergarten: Each Kindergartner made an American Flag, by patterning red and white streamers and then stamping 50 stars on blue paper. We spoke about our flag noting it has 50 stars representing the states and 13 stripes; 6 white and 7 red. The children also made headbands adding stars, stickers, and a cut out of the Statue of Liberty.

Snack:  The children loved cutting strawberries and counting out blueberries. They put these into an ice cream cone topped with whipped cream.  

Ahoy Mates! Tomorrow is Pirate Day!

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