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Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - Nature Day
Reminder: Please send in your blue CPC bags. Also, if your child has allergies, please remember to send in a snack for them.

Everyone had the opportunity to play inside tents that were set up on the playground. What fun to pretend we were camping, and some classes even made a pretend fire pit outside the tent.

Drop-in: For Nature Day, our Drop-In students went outdoors two at a time to “find” good sized rocks that teachers had hidden in the grass ahead of time. Students then used their rocks to paint ladybugs in the color of their choice. We enjoyed lunch together at about 11:00 and then played outdoors in the playground where tents had been set up for Nature Day. 

2’s:  Our 2’s made their own nature sun catchers: The classes went on a nature walk and collected flowers, and leaves and arranged the items between 2 pieces of clear contact paper. The sun catchers look so bright and colorful hanging in a window. The children also created paintings using materials from nature. They used feathers, pinecones, and evergreen needles (in place of paint brushes). 

3’s:  The classes made binoculars. The children rolled aluminum foil around toilet paper rolls and decorated with stickers. With their powerful binoculars the classes went on a long nature walk and observed bugs, flowers, clouds, and everything around them. 

4’s: The classes went outside and each child collected 3 items from nature. Then the children brushed the objects with paint then pressed them on paper. Each picture is a wonderfully unique nature inspired design. The 4’s also made totally edible bird feeders. The children spread shortening around an ice cream cone then dipped in birdseed. You can hang it close to a window and watch our feathered friends (or the greedy squirrels) enjoy the treat.

Kindergarten: The class used needle and yarn to lace a sit-upon (a mat for sitting on the ground outdoors). We set up a huge tent in the class room and the children played and listened to a story inside the tent. We used special paper and created “solar powered art!” The children collected leaves, flowers, weeds, petals and more during the nature walk. They arranged the plants on the special solar paper and placed it in the sun for 2 minutes. Then when the paper turns from blue to white, the children removed the plants and rinsed the paper under running water. The plants block the sun and prevents the paper underneath from changing color. 

Snack: All the classes ate smore’s for a sticky, messy but yummy special snack. The children sandwiched fluff and Hershey’s chocolate between a graham cracker. 

Tomorrow is Carnival Day. Remember to check our website for pictures: 

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