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UPDATED:  April 13, 2019
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - Carnival Day
Drop-In: Today our Drop-In campers used colored paper, stickers, and pompoms to make a carnival hat. Our older students (our 2 year-olds) helped our under-18-months group with their stickers and markers. We held a relay race using a decorated, half-filled gallon jug. Students carried the jug around an obstacle then handed it to the next student. Some students participated multiple times. Others preferred to cheer on their classmates. Rain cut-short our outdoor time, so we finished up inside with Play-Doh.

2’s:  What is a carnival without cotton candy and spin art? The children applied puffy paint (a mixture of Elmer’s glue and shaving cream) onto paper cones to resemble cotton candy. It looks so authentic, almost good enough to eat. For spin-art, the children dripped different colors of paint onto paper inside a salad spinner. Then they turned the handle making the paint spread across the paper, creating magical designs.

3’s: The class made sand art in a bottle. The children spooned colored sand in a funnel pouring layers of sand inside a shell shaped bottle necklace. The classes also made masks by decorating with jewels, feathers, glitter and pom-poms.

4’s: The children had fun decorating masks with markers, feathers and other collage materials. One class played a memory game with carnival themed cards. The classes also made their own popcorn decoration. They colored big Popsicle sticks with a red marker. Then glued the sticks side by side to form the ‘popcorn box.’ The children glued on popcorn (cotton balls) and drizzled on butter (a dap of yellow paint).

Kindergarten: The children created sand art in a bottle. They chose different colors of sand, and then poured them into baby food jars creating many bright layers. The class had fun making their own carnival masks by drawing and decorating with assorted collage materials.

Carnival Games: Everyone had fun playing the carnival games. They tossed bean bags, walked on a balance beam, balance boards, walked on bucket stilts, horse shoes and other games.

Snack: The children cut up strawberries and bananas to help make smoothies. The fruit was blended with yogurt, honey and ice to make a delicious drink.

Tomorrow is Patriotic Day (and officially Flag Day), and your child is welcome to wear red, white and blue.

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